SIT STOP is an initiative that started in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames by an independent community group.

At SIT STOP our purpose is to make life just a little bit easier for those in need of somewhere to sit down. These individuals may be elderly, pregnant, disabled or unwell; they may have tired feet or be laden down with shopping or they may just need somewhere to wait for a few minutes. It does not matter what drives the need. If they go into a shop or business displaying the SIT STOP logo then it is absolutely fine to ask for a seat or use one if it is available; they do not have to be a customer of the store or using the services provided there.

Twickenham High Street was the first part of the borough to adopt the idea. A pilot of the scheme was hosted here with the support of Richmond Council. Feedback was very positive with no major issues arising for the participating businesses, which received very enthusiastic feedback to the idea. The participating organisations include:-

Richmond Borough Area Supporters No. in area+B1:C14
Barnes Barnes Bookshop,  Barnes Green Social Centre, Barnes Library Castlenau, COOK, Mary Portas, The Old Sorting Office, The Olympic Cinema, True Love-Whitehart Lane 8
East Sheen Age UK offices Parkway, Chubb Butchers, COOK, East Sheen Bookshop, East Sheen Library, Ginger & Spice Florist, Joe Allan Hairdresser, Party Palace, Pearson Cycle Shop, Shene Insurance, Spatree Pharmacy, Tolley & Partners Opticians, Waitrose, The Yellow Printshop 14
East Twickenham Cambridge Parade Post Office, Charles Harry Pharmacy, Il Vero Gusto Café 3
Ham Eye Care Opticians, Ham Food and Wine, Ham Library, Kanset Pharmacy, M & J Hardware, Pharmacare, Wendy's Workshop, 7
Hampton Chinos Café, Elleray Hall, Greenwood Centre, Hampton Library, Sainsbury's, Syzygy Hairdressers, The Wine and Cheese Company, Village Estates 8
Hampton Hill Hampton Hill Library, Hill Pharmacy, Hampton Hill Stationary, Health on the Hill, SOS!SEN Charity Shop, 5
Hampton Wick Hampton Wick Library 1
Kew The Avenue Centre, Kew Library, Kitten and Cat, Oliver's (Kew Stn. Parade), 4
Mortlake The Old Bakery 1
Richmond The Alligator's Mouth Bookshop, Decor Express, John D Wood (Estate Agents), Richmond Library- the Green, Mary Portas Shop, Parkshot College, Richmond Pharmacy (Sheen Rd),Richmond Reference Library- Old Town Hall, Richmond ReHab. Centre, Robert Dyas,  Sainsbury's Manor Road, St. John's Church, St. Mary Magdalen (Parish)Church, The Vineyard Project, Waitrose, Wholefoods, Woolgars 17
Richmond Hill Cambrian Centre, Nima Chemist, Richmond Hill Bakery, St. Matthias Church 4
St. Margarets
Teddington Boots Opticians, COOK, Enzo, Mary Portas Shop, Richmond AID, Starbucks, Stepping on Out, Teddington Library 8
Twickenham Blue Bird Care(off Heath Road), C. Goode Pharmacy, The Civic Centre, Crusader Travel, Integrated Neurological Services,  Squires Garden Centre, The Well-Being Centre, Twickenham Library 8
Whitton Additional Aids, Community Centre (Kneller Road), Cancer ResearchShop,  Eye & Smile, Grade 1 Hairdressers, The Good Health Shop, Minhal Pharmacy, Nix Florist, Whitton Health Centre, Whitton Library, Whitton Network, Whitton Pet Centre, Whitton Resource Centre 13
Other Supporters
Balham Nature's Purest 1
Wandsworth Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability 1
Hammersmith and Fulham Bishop Creighton House, C.E. Harrod Pharmacy, Fulham Good Neighbours 3
Kensington and Chelsea Royal Brompton Hospital, 1
Surrey (other) Ritechem (Victoria Rd, Surbiton), COOK Surbiton, COOK Weybridge, Squires Reigate, Squires Bagshot Lee 5
TOTAL 112 112


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