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SIT STOP: some background

The SIT STOP campaign started in Richmond in 2005. A group of individuals led by 3 Royal Society of Arts (RSA) fellows met to discuss local issues as part of the RSA’s Coffeehouse Challenge process. These meetings take place country wide and are intend to bring focus on and energy to the resolution of local issues. In Richmond ‘access for all’ became our central theme.

With the help of Richmond Aid and a number of other local agencies and businesses plus supporting awards and grants from the RSA and Starbucks the idea took shape and grew. In December 2006 SIT STOP was launched in its initial form. In spring 2007 the project, then focused around specially designed chairs, was show-cased around London.

We continue to develop the SIT STOP campaign as we learn from our experience and listen to the input from supporting organizations. Our core concept is very simple:  Organizations whose premises are open to the public- please provide a seat for someone who needs it – and let people know it is OK to use the seat by displaying the SIT STOP logo. That’s all it is.

We continue to expand the number of participating organizations primarily in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames but also beyond.

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