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SIT STOP is an initiative that started in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames by an independent community group.

At SIT STOP our purpose is to make life just a little bit easier for those in need of somewhere to sit down. These individuals may be elderly, pregnant, disabled or unwell; they may have tired feet or be laden down with shopping or they may just need somewhere to wait for a few minutes. It does not matter what drives the need. If they go into a shop or business displaying the SIT STOP logo then it is absolutely fine to ask for a seat or use one if it is available; they do not have to be a customer of the store or using the services provided there.

Twickenham High Street was the first part of the borough to adopt the idea. A pilot of the scheme was hosted here with the support of Richmond Council. Feedback was very positive with no major issues arising for the participating businesses, which received very enthusiastic feedback to the idea. The participating organisations include:-



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